Laurent has been developing mobile applications for more than a decade, which is an eternity !

If he is a true Android expert, Laurent is above all a highly qualified coder who has already experienced a lot of languages and frameworks. A broad spectrum of skills is always an advantage when designing a complex solution from the blank sheet.

Attention: Laurent practices Krav Maga, if you tell him that his code does not respect the standards, you will have to argue


Benjamin worked several years in the service of a major mining industry group as a product manager but also as a project manager. After this experience, he decided to switch as a developer, a position that allows him to mix work and passion.

Nothing motivates him more than to transform ideas into reality. While always keeping an eye on new technologies, especially when it comes to 3D printing or blockchain.

If you find his computer turned off, that’s mean he’s gone on a trip. That’s one of his passions!

Enthusiastic, altruistic and persevering


As senior consultant, Olivier is passionate about design, software architecture, JavaEE, Linux and ancient languages. He enjoys learning, living new experiences and discovering new technologies. Seasoned pianist and great pastry cook, Olivier appreciates exploring mountain paths too.

“Cogito ergo sum”

And you?

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Curious, fun, open-minded and technology addict


Scrum master and agile project leader of technical teams.

His strong experience and mastery of Java Enterprise technology make him an efficient project manager.

Caring, calm, careful


Co-founder of the company, JEE architect, he has many years of experience in applications development using web and hardware technologies. He is also author of the book “Learn how to develop efficiently for the mobile OS leader” in Dunod editions.

He works has Product Owner on the Open Source solutions developed in the lab. More generally, his mission is to define the company technological strategy.

Technology, Open Innovation & Geek gadgets.



With an electronic education, Morgan is now tech lead developer at DocDoku, where he could immerse himself in Open Source technologies and work with passionate and involved developers.

Music and open source addict, he spends most of his free time with his instruments and CAM software.

Curiosity, creativity, musician