When it comes to projects concerning digital transformation or innovation, you are probably asking yourself questions about the issues, opportunities, costs, deadlines, adoption or choice of technologies.

We can help and give you answers to those questionings.

Conception and digital innovation

We are guiding you to identify relevant innovation areas, using use cases from the real world. We estimate costs and implementation timing so you can benefit from our business model proposals.

Proof Of Concept

The goal of a Proof Of Concept is to provide a tangible proof that the innovative project is technologically and economically feasible, but also in line with schedule expectations.

Systems and Softwares architecture

New solutions have to co-exist with other systems and answer to existing constraints in your company. We will help you designing the best integration possible, in line with your information system master plan.

Industrialization and DevOps

You need to industrialize your developments, made the production easier ? You wish to create a real synergy between development (dev) and operational (ops) teams ? Our experts will help you in this approach.