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A tailor-made offer

We provide our courses on your premises (intra-company) as well as in our training rooms (inter-company).

In intra-company, we can adapt the content to your needs by creating specific modules, by assembling existing ones from our catalog or by providing the courses in the form of mentoring, coaching or skill transfer.

High quality materials

Course materials quality is essential for knowledge transfer to be carried out in an optimal manner.

Most of us are book or article authors in our area of expertise. That is why we build and write ourselves our course materials, in order to give them the highest quality level.

All inclusive price

Our inter-company course price includes:
– Course materials
– Breakfasts and lunches in restaurant
– Florent Garin’s book “Learn how to effectively develop for the leader of mobile OS” for all attendees of Android course.

Pedagogue expert practitioners

Experts on the topics taught, we will make you benefit from our experience feedback as we are doing consulting, R&D and customer implementation project activities.

Beyond the fact we have strong competencies on the subjects of the courses, we are pedagogues, pragmatics and have listening skills.