The ACTIA Groupe specializes in the design, manufacture and operation of electronics for systems management in the automotive, aeronautics, railway, telecommunication networks or energy sectors.

Its Automotive division is specialized in automotive diagnostics. The division imagines and builds embedded calculators for diagnostics or telematics (external communication). Those systems are used in garage or car dealership or directly onboard afterwards.


In order to stay competitive towards their final customers, ACTIA was looking to study the feasibility to bring the source code of a diagnostic applications coded in C++ to work under Android and Linux.

Those systems are more likely to be used in garages and car dealerships. Moreover, it was a  challenge as the solution has to run still under C++.


After consultation, ACTIA choosed to call on the DocDoku team due to the quality of its technical and work expertise.

Mathias Choquet, R&D engineer, explains : “the DocDoku expert’s profile was answering to our need because he had all the skills we were searching” and insists that the profile has “a high quality rarely seen”.

In concrete terms, DocDoku missions were the following :

  • Consulting on the set up of the compilation / packaging chain
  • C++ POC porting to Android
  • Gradual reworking strategy to make to best use of the Android platform

Flexibilty and agility were two decisive components in the success of the mission. Mathias Choquet insists on the fact that “the DocDoku consultant knew how to adapt himself to the project pace and thought with the flow” with the project teams.

Finally, the contribution of DocDoku allowed ACTIA to identify and avoid any risks related to the migration setup and given maturity to the project. While bringing to light in a pragmatic way the complexity of the process.
A “well” executed mission that gave ACTIA to possibility to test different approaches, eliminate the impasse with the flow and move forward technically in its reflexion.

To this day, the subject is still open at ACTIA, waiting for an operational project to put into practice the strategies and recommandations identified during the mission.

Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions is an Honeywell company, specialized in process performance, creator and seller of data capture (RFID, barcode…) and information management solutions. Through its continuous innovations in hardware, software, services and integrated solutions, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions is taking care of its clients in optimizing all their business potentials.


To go with the evolution of its existing products, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions wanted to update the SDK (Software development Kit) that allows its clients to connect to Honeywell systems.

The idea was to find a partner able to provide – with its expertise – the evolution of embedded softwares in order to offer systems compatibility using the latest image capture software generations available.


As a real core component that drives image sensors, Android’s Camera API has evolved to a new generation : Camera2. In order to maintain a good compatibility of this API with Honeywell SDK, DocDoku completed an iso-functional update for this lastest version.

From the understanding of needs to delivrery, Honeywell underlines “an obvious expertise and a very good communication that has assured a total success to the project”.