Established since 1994, Amazon is an American electronic commerce company based in Seattle and one of the 5 companies – known as GAFAM – that have fundamental influence on digital revolution. Today, Amazon employs more than 540 000 people worldwide.
Founded as a bookstore, Amazon offers quickly involved to other kind of products, especially cultural goods and groceries but also IT online services with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
By launching Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006, Amazon continued its diversification with a new generation of cloud services, including its famous storage service Amazon S3 or its very flexible cloud computing service Amazon EC2.


Amazon was searching for a Product Lifecyle Management Solution (PLM) and began studying the main Open Source platforms on the market.

The fact that DocDokuPLM was highly customizable was a selling point.
The platform also succeeded going through Amazon security and quality code audit.
Finally, DocDoku agile and pragmatic approach finished convincing the web giant to choose this solution.

DocDoku team has therefore deployed DocDokuPLM on an AWS Cloud Infrastructure (obviously ;), with additional developments to be aligned with Amazon business specific challenges.

John Bennett, Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon Corporate LLC, is enthusiastically summarizing his collaboration with DocDoku:

“The DocDoku team is obsessed with the success of their customers. They were able to customize their solution to meet the needs of a very specific PLM use case and deploy to our environment on time and under budget. DocDoku made it all very easy.”

Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions is an Honeywell company, specialized in process performance, creator and seller of data capture (RFID, barcode…) and information management solutions. Through its continuous innovations in hardware, software, services and integrated solutions, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions is taking care of its clients in optimizing all their business potentials.


To go with the evolution of its existing products, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions wanted to update the SDK (Software development Kit) that allows its clients to connect to Honeywell systems.

The idea was to find a partner able to provide – with its expertise – the evolution of embedded softwares in order to offer systems compatibility using the latest image capture software generations available.


As a real core component that drives image sensors, Android’s Camera API has evolved to a new generation : Camera2. In order to maintain a good compatibility of this API with Honeywell SDK, DocDoku completed an iso-functional update for this lastest version.

From the understanding of needs to delivrery, Honeywell underlines “an obvious expertise and a very good communication that has assured a total success to the project”.