Open innovation

In an open and competitive world, creativity and permanent inventiveness are key elements of economic development. But how to achieve this innovation goal and still mastering the budget, the time-to-market and limiting the risks?

By practicing open innovation!

This modern way to approach research & development activities, by being open to the outside, is the one we promote and offer to our customers/partners. Thus, we work with other organisations, key accounts, intermediate-sized companies, research labs, on innovative projects where everyone brings his expertise.

This open strategy naturally led us to develop our software under an Open Source license (DocDokuPLM the successful award-winning Open Source PLM solution) and also to integrate the Eclipse foundation and the international consortium OW2.

As digital technologies supplier for the industry, we are concluding partnerships with business specialists to conceive vertical solutions on the basis of our platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project.