PLMA – DocDokuPLM platform administration


Reference: PLMA
Duration: 3 days (21 hours)


This course is dedicated to DocDokuPLM platform administrators. If theoretical aspects will be indeed studied, first of all, the attendees will practice all the sysadmin tasks required to keep the software safe and running optimally.

At the end of the course, the objective is for the trainees to be autonomous on the daily administration work: backup and restore, start/stop, full software installation, component fine tuning…


  • DocDokuPLM Software architecture
  • List of prerequisites
  • Introduction on application servers
  • Modules walkthrough
  • Supported operating systems and databases
  • Data transfer diagram
Installation and deployment
  • Software stack installation
  • Start and stop scripts
  • Configuration commands and files
  • Application deployment
  • The database schema
  • Running as a service
  • Add / remove plug-ins
Backup and restore
  • Items to backup
  • Recovery process after an incident
  • Search engine index construction
  • Strategy to improve RPO, RTO (Recovery Point/Time Objective)
Monitoring and optimization
  • Log analysis
  • Monitoring of system resources
  • Setting optimization
  • Administration task automation
  • Scripting environment
  • Configure a cache server
  • Distributed mode, cluster architecture
  • Define user realms
  • Access rights management
  • The workspace administrator and the superuser
  • Front-end web server setup (Apache, HAProxy, Nginx…)
  • Deployment into a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone)
  • System hardening (OS, database, firewall…)

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Delivery method

60% of practical work

Target audience

DocDokuPLM administrators

Versions of technologies

DocDokuPLM 2.5


Basic notions of DocDokuPLM



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