PLMD – DocDokuPLM platform development


Reference: PLMD
Duration: 3 days (21 hours)


DocDokuPLM is more than an out of the box product lifecycle management software. It is a real platform which can be extended and customized in order to design a tailored digital business application.

The training course objective is to learn how to development upon the DocDokuPLM platform.

It is dedicated to team development companies which use DocDokuPLM and system integrators. With the help of this training, the attendees will acquire the necessary competencies to development on the platform by themselves.


  • Presentation of DocDokuPLM
  • Essential features
  • Technical specifications
  • What does “platform” mean?
Installation of the runtime environment
  • Software prerequisites
  • The core platform components
  • The Web frontend
Development environment
  • Compilation and packaging via Maven
  • Setting up the IDE for platform development
  • Setting up the IDE for web UI development
The business object model
  • Business classes overview
  • Document management objects
  • Classes which model product components
  • Configuration management classes
  • Lifecycle and business processes
  • Cross-cutting concerns: metadata, attributes, ACL…
The services
  • Java and JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Remote call procedures
  • Document manipulation services
  • Services around product data
  • Upload and download binary files
  • Lifecycle management services
  • Search queries
  • Error management
  • Basic and JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication
  • The “Guest” profile
  • Users and groups
  • Access rights management
  • Tune authentication mechanism
Extend the core system
  • Implement a converter
  • Import and export plugins
  • Event bus
  • Add new services
  • The transactional aspects
Data model extension
  • “Soft type” or “Hard type”
  • Attribute definition: types et constraints
  • Create prototypes with templates
  • Extend existing entities
  • Create new business objects
  • SQL scripts generation
  • Define entity relationships
Batch treatments
  • The scripting environment
  • Data initialization script
  • Schedule script executions
The graphical user interfaces
  • Customization of existing interfaces
  • Add new screens
  • Entirely redesign the web front (Java, PHP, .NET…)
  • JavaScript integration approach
  • Mobile client development

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Delivery method

70% of practical work

Target audience

Developers, DocDokuPLM integrators

Versions of technologies

DocDokuPLM 2.5


Functional knowledge of DocDokuPLM, Java development experience



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