Internet of Things

Even if their figures may vary, the studies all agree to the fact that the Internet of Things, IoT, is the next major evolution in the IT landscape.

Today, there is no remaining blocking concern for the development of IoT applications. The low energy consumption networks are being set up, the price of connected devices (sensors and actuators) has decreased and the communication protocols (CoAP, MQTT…) are currently in the process of being standardized.

On this wide area, we focus on the software layer; we develop solutions for the collect, storage and analysis of data, their integration to the information system as well as the device management.

Our platform DocDokuPLM, is the perfect sensor data repository, thanks to its programming interface (REST API) available on the Cloud and its strong capability to structure information.

Bridging the gap between design or build data on one side and those taken from the physical world on the other offers many opportunities to the industrial sector especially for the predictive maintenance.


Internet des objets

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