Florent B.

Chemist by training, Florent traded his erlenmeyers a few years ago for a computer. Passionate about innovation, he naturally turned to mobile development.

His attraction to chocolate forces him to practice a lot of sport (mountain biking, tennis) or to unwind behind his drums to stay in shape.

Humor, gluttony and moaner


Ludovic started his career developing iOS/Android mobile apps and then shifted towards Back-End.

He is very eager to learn about new technologies and new things. Serious and rigorous, he is result- oriented.

Fan of music, he likes to listen to it, make it – electronic music has no secret for him! – and playing bass guitar.

Creative, generous and  ambitious


Native from Tarbes, Axel holds a professional license in mobile application development from Nice university. This training allowed him to specialize in the design and development of mobile applications.

Rigorous, when it comes to optimise UX, nothing puts him more in joy than a fluid user experience!

Foot, rap and debate



Laurent has been developing mobile applications for more than a decade, which is an eternity !

If he is a true Android expert, Laurent is above all a highly qualified coder who has already experienced a lot of languages and frameworks. A broad spectrum of skills is always an advantage when designing a complex solution from the blank sheet.

Attention: Laurent practices Krav Maga, if you tell him that his code does not respect the standards, you will have to argue