Open Source and modular, DocDokuPLM is a Business Data Management Platform.
Its mission is to answer to the collective innovation needs of your company or organization.

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logo_afpaAFPA has chosen to create an open vision of knowledge, making the access and updates of its various contributors easier.

PLM and Training

With DocDokuPLM, Airbus has made the access to PLM data and DMU (Digital Mock-Up) easier for non CAD designer users (managers, sales department…).

PLM and Aeronautics

Using agronomic imagery data, Spot Image has developed a portal to allow farmers to maximize their crop growing.

PLM and AgTech

Amazon was searching for a Product Lifecyle Management Solution (PLM) and began studying the main open source platforms on the market. The fact that DocDokuPLM was highly customizable was a selling point.

PLM et E-commerce

Facing a high increase in its activities, Oktal wanted to industrialize the production of some of its simulators, used by its various markets (automotive, railway, aeronautics). Challenge taken by Oktal who chose DocDokuPLM.

PLM and Defence Industry

With DocDokuPLM, PrimaFrance has a collaborative BIM platform which helps managing construction data in real-time.

PLM and Construction

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