Passionate about new technologies and the Open Source in particular, Tahiana joined DocDoku, to join a enthusiasts team particularly involved in their job.

He considers that the emulation of the Team allows him to progress and hopes soon to reach his goal: to become an architect JAVA.

You will find Tahiana with a racquet in his hand at least once a week. Laugh and joke, it’s every day:)

Passion, Open Source, Tennis 


Graduated engineer through work-based learning, Matthieu is a young father passionate for the code.

In his work, he advocates IT monitoring, communication and team projects.

Full of energy, he improves his knowledge every day in his field of preference : Computer science. Entrepreneur at heart, his creative mind makes him jump from one idea to another.

persistent, curious, hyperactive


Pierre is passionate about new technologies and he knows without a doubt how to make the most of  IoT.

Bright at heart, he is also a geek in every sense of the word (even if he does not forget his interest in economics and sport). He is always up for technical news and innovation talks.

If you’re leaving your computer without locking it and Pierre is your neighbour, you may be thanked for the chocolatines (pain au chocolat in Occitania) the next day.

IOT, cloud, geek


Graduated with a professional bachelor in software development, Andy is passionate about the world of Web and mobile technologies.

Curious by nature, he is interested in innovative technologies. He likes to create mobile applications.

He never refuses a play of Playstation, which explains his nickname of “zombie killer”.

Self-taught, multipurpose and kind


Computers and Science have been a passion for Quentin since he was a child. It’s like he fell into the magic cauldron when he was little!

Multipurpose, he’s comfortable in both Front-End and Back-End development.

On weekends, Quentin takes time off to swim, which is one of his favourite activities. His other passion is to be part of escape games.

Passionate, curious and relaxed




Graduated from a master’s degree in computer development and project management, Louis joined Docdoku attracted by the technical expertise of the Team. A choice aligned with his goal to become an expert in web technology.

He shares his free time between video games, music and motorcycle.

Louis has a zest for life, he’s always ready to have a drink with his colleagues after work.

Music, games and gas



Graduated from SUPINFO, Noeline began her career in computer and industrial groups before joining the Team as a fullstack developer.

Multipurpose, she is comfortable in front as well as backend. Always listening to new programming, her ability to learn is one of her strengths.

Even though she considers herself a “Sunday athlete”, she is very comfortable with a soccer ball between her feet!

Curiosity, gluttony and active



Entrepreneur at heart, Junior likes to change the subjects entrusted to him in project and team mode.

He admits to be a joking person, who likes to bring joy and create a positive atmosphere in the company.

Junior defines himself as someone determined in everything he undertakes. As for example in Taekwondo – the sport of discipline par excellence – that he practises assiduously. Finally, he is an environmentally conscious collaborator that comes to work by bike every morning.

Curiosity, tenacity and ambition



Benjamin worked several years in the service of a major mining industry group as a product manager but also as a project manager. After this experience, he decided to switch as a developer, a position that allows him to mix work and passion.

Nothing motivates him more than to transform ideas into reality. While always keeping an eye on new technologies, especially when it comes to 3D printing or blockchain.

If you find his computer turned off, that’s mean he’s gone on a trip. That’s one of his passions!

Enthusiastic, altruistic and persevering